True sex story with meera bhabhi

Meera bhabhi is now of 46 years, 11 years old than me, but steel looking so sexy though she is mother of 20 years old son and a daughter studding in 11th standard. Her body size is bust 88- waist 68- hips 99. I was very much her fan in my 16 and still now. Her hair was so long trailing upto her hips, looking so charmy with big boobs and round ass. I was totally mad for her. Since last 18 years life, lacs of time i have masturbated on her name. Whenever i saw her in dream for fuck in mid-night, always suffer from night fault. Her house is near to my house. She is my long relative, and since my childhood she know me. What i think for her, she never mind such type of thought. She is very sincere and devotee to her husband. Her husband was hard drunker and now he is no more in this world. Before 2 year he had pass away. I am service person and in our local area people and relatives respect me as a gentle person.

After death of her husband, she started to sell some snacks and supplying milk door to door in village as her financial position is very ordinary, so i am always helping her in kind, some time she need stationery, pens then she always asked me for that and i provide her. The story start now, that was 17 march when i was marching to mumbai, fortunately she was also traveling by same train. She came and seat near to me and then saw me and surprisely told “raj, where are you going, i have not seen you really, mostly i travel by ladies compartment but train gives single so that in hurry i catch this general coach”. Then she told me “achha hua too mere sath hai, abhi darneki koi bat nahi aur bate karte karte journey bhi achha ho jayega”. She told me where are you going, i naughtily told her i came here to give you company. She was also in happy mode. Then train start and in our seat and front of our seat passenger were of bhayya caste. So we started to talk and they don’t know our Hot adult story  marathi language or even know then also they were unknown for us. Again she told me where are you going and again i told her i want to give you company upto your last station.She became serious and told me relay raj tell me upto which station you are with me. So that i told her i have not decided where to drop, my work is not so important, but you are in general, so why not i will drop you to your station? She told me if you seriously want to give me such noble company then no problem, i will back immediately with you otherwise i always stay at my elder sisters house in mumbai. My children’s are grown up now and they are having habit now to stay alone. I adjust my self close to her and touch her body, she realize it and told your wife is very fortunate getting such type of partner. Immediately i told her, at that time you was not batcher otherwise i propose you only. She came back in her past jawani and told me you are well educated, you are married otherwise i will ready to give my daughter though we are long relative and make you “son-in-law”.Now my age is past, but what pain i have realized i don’t want to give it to my children. I came to matter and told her you are looking still pretty than your girl, and if get chance then i first propose to you only. She smile and told my daughter’s age is now 17 years. She was in mood, i grab her hand easily and told see your skin is charming. She also knows my fillings and directly told me what do you want from me. I told her directly, you also know what is my purpose. Tell me really, is you are satisfied life with your husband. I know he was drunker. Emotionally she started her story and told me in 10 years life Hot adult story i have not really enjoy my life with partner, as he always came with drink and now i am alone. I took chance and told her if you are ready then i will give you full satisfaction. She told me raj think about people, our religion. My children’s are grown up now and in our area we can not do such nonsense. I told her if you are ready then we can stay on any lodge for today and no one can notice this matter.She agreed and told me what you will tell to your family. I said her don’t worry about me and we back after her work done. We droped at borivali and booked one room in borivali lodging. It was 8.00 pm i was very hungry for her but she was looking dangerous than me. At this juncture she was looking in just 35. We enter in room and immediately i close door and take one huge kiss of her lips and put her on bed, she also grab me and responded in same manner. She was experience she told me to take rest but i was in hurry. She told me because of journey badanse pasina aa raha hai. Pahile hum naha lete hai. There was so hot, she entered in bathroom started to take bath under shower with naked body. I became very hot and knock bathroom door. Usne bathroom ka darvaja khola aur sharma gai, because i was already naked. Hot adult story I entered in bathroom and fully enjoy on shower. Meera bhabhi`s boobs were climbing on her chest and water playing with her boobs very romantically. I grab her and press her boobs heavily, suck her boobs, uske nipple ko jor jor se chusne laga. She was realizing this after long time. She seat down aur usne mere laund uske moo me liya and started sucking fastly.I fvck her mouth very deeply by giving her stroke. After half and hour enjoying we came out from bathroom and i took her in bed nakedly. She was very exciting for fuck and told me raj tum aaj jitana chaho utna muze laga wo. Puri rat bhar muze chodna. Start now, why are you waiting. I kiss her all body. Her ass was very round. I can not control my self and spread her legs on shoulder and put my dick in her puzzy and give one big stroke my dick fully enter in her puzzy. She scrammed with pain and pleasure and told me “raj jor jor se uppar-niche kar ke muze pura kha ja. After five minutes heavy fucking my dick leaked in her vagina and my semen cover her vagina. Then she nakedly sleep. After half an hour she get up, we take dinner and again at 10.30 pm she came in romance, she make me nude, and she also removed her cloths. She started to play with my balls, sucking my balls, myze kuch ajibsa mehasus hone laga, mai pith kar ke so gaya, she was full in sex, phir usne mere gand ke sath khelna chalu kiya,She started to take kiss of my hips, cut with her teeth on my hips, started to suck my hips. I laid on bed. After some time she started to insert her finger in my asshole, i am also enjoying that, so i kept pillow under my stomach and bend in angle jiske karan uski middle finger mere gand me achhi tarase ghus gai, thoda dukhane laga lekin maza bhi liya. In one hand she took my laund and by other hand she fuck my asshole. Her big finger fuck 5-10 minutes with my asshole and make full enjoy. Afterward i said her now i want to fuck your asshole. Wo ulti so gai aur apane hath se dono hips ko khula karke muze lund ghusane ko boli, maine bahut try kiya lekin lund ghusaneme pareshani ho rahi thi. Then she put 2 pillows under her stomach near her boobs and told her to bend on her knees. I put my hand in her vagina and apply her juice on her asshole aur uske asshole ko gila ka diya. Bad me maine mera heavy rod uske gand me Hot adult story ghusana shuru kiya, 2-3 minutes try kiya to bhi lund under ghus nahi raha tha. Bhabhi ne thoda sas leke jor kiya aur muze dhakka marneko kaha. Maine jorse dhakka mara aur in fraction of second my lund insert in her ass.She shouted loudly. Wo jor se chillai mar gai, nikalo, khoon niklega, gaund me dard ho raha hai etc. Maine dono hato se uske dhile boobs pichese jorse pakade aur gand me jor jor se dhakka dena chalu kiya. Lund ko pura bahar nikal nikal ke jor jor se ghusaya, uski puri khaz tod dali. She was not able to talk single word, upto 4-5 minutes i gave heavy strokes on her asshole. Mer jor ke chodane se uske aakh se aasu nikal gaye. Then also she was shouting fuck heavily. After some time i leaked my lund in her asshole. I was also tired,my legs was totally out of order. After fucking her asshole,Hot adult story my lund was getting pain at the time of urine. You imagine mera lund dukh raha tha to uske gand me kitna durd houa hoga. We both slept nakedly. Upto morning i fuck her two times. She was fully satisfied with my fuck. I told her from last 20 years i was in wait to fuck you and now my dream fulfilled.She also told me, still today i have not taken such type of taste of fuck. I told her meena bhabi since last 18 years i am fucking you in dream only, and now my dream became true. Mere bachpan se leke kal tak mai tera nam leke hi mera laund hila hila ke leak kar ta tha, aaj wo din aa gaya hi, aur mai ne such much me tuze choda. Then she told me i have never fill dream to fuck with you, even i have not prepared my mind to fuck with other guy. But you are the only person who fuck me and change my mind to fuck even in my old age.I told her you are still looking young of 32 you breast is very round, ass is well round attracted, i don’t know how much fan like me are there. Immediately she put her hand on my mouth and told me now you are only my second husband and i don’t want to make me spoil by other dirty people, i am not rand. friends how was this story ?? if you like this please share .. if you like to fvck meera bhabhi in real .. just contact here >


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